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.308 Barrel Nut Shim

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Short Description:

OK so you're playing with your new build and son-of-a-bee-itch. The hand guard don't fit, the barrel nut, she ain't in the right position. That's OK, these little guys will help more things forward a bit properly without the need to Macgyver a solution. Similarly, if you can't get your gas tube through the barrel nut without uncomfortably exceeding the torque specs, try inserting one or more of these until the alignment gets closer to perfect.

You get:
(1) Shim. Colors/materials vary but it is some form of steel
Compatible with:
Mil-Spec and aftermarket AR10 barrel nuts All AR-10 barrel extensions All AR-10 upper receivers

Specifications (all models)

For Receiver PatternAR-10/AR-308
Thickness0.008" (0.2mm)