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TNA AR-308 Cam Pin

In stock

Mil-spec Cam Pin to connect your bolt to the bolt carrier. It also has the job of rotating the bolt to engage/disengage with the Barrel Extension. These little guys come in all shapes and sizes but ours is the style used in an AR-10 or AR-308 style bolt meant for some serious action. This is a wear item as it does have a friction contact with the bolt carrier and upper. A little lube will help but the wear tends to stop after a few hundred rounds as everything breaks in.

You get:
  • (1) 308-size Cam Pin
Compatible with:
  • AR-10, AR-308, DPMS-308-size bolts and bolt carriers
Installation difficulty:
Installation Tips:
  • Sometimes a bit of oil helps to get this bad boy into position. There is no right or wrong installation, this pin is symmetrical so just get'er in there

Specifications (all models)

For Receiver PatternAR-10/AR-308