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Bolt, Stripped (.223/5.56)

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Just the bolt body, ready for you to install ejector, extractor, etc. and customize for your dreams. Maybe you need this if your current bolt has thrown a lug or you've simply lost the love.

  • Totally stripped, you need to buy all the parts and bit to finish it
  • Built by a military contractor to mil spec
  • Bolt face is for .223/5.56 family cartridges
  • Weight: 38g

You get:

  • Stripped bolt

    Compatible with:

    • .223/5.56 family cartridges
    • All mil-Spec bolt parts
    • All Mil-Spec bolt carriers
    • All Mil-Spec barrels with barrel extensions installed 
    • All Mil-Spec uppers

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: Some drive pins and patience

    Installation notes: Assembling a bolt from scratch isn't super tough,sometimes you will with that you have a third hand. It can be useful to grip the bolt body in a vice (SOFT JAWS PEOPLE!)