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AR Gas Tube Cleaners (1-pack)

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Simply a pipe cleaner sized just right for AR gas tubes. Long enough to scrub the full length of any gas tube up to rifle length. Absorbent cotton carries solvent in and crud out. Regularly cleaning your gas tube keeps it free of fouling and carbon buildup that could otherwise impede the gas system's function.

  • Cotton around a stiff wire
  • Long enough for any gas system
  • 16" long
  • Comes in a pack of 1

You get:

  • (1) Gas Tube Cleaner

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15/AR-10/M16 gas tubes
    • Any gun cleaning solvent

    Installation Difficulty: 

    TIps: If you've got a long tube like midlength or rifle, a pair of neednose pliers may help with the insertion since the pushback gets pretty strong when she's in deep.