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AR-15 Armourer's Wrench w/Hammer

In stock

This specialized tool is designed to perform important screwing jobs when working on your AR-15. (full list at the bottom of this page) Plus the heavy end has a flat area to use as a hammer, convincer, or thumb detector.

(If you don't need to work with barrel nuts, you might get away with using our Basic AR-15 Wrench)

There is a square hole for a 1/2" torque wrench (not included) to get the perfect amount of torque on your barrel nut (though many people use a calibrated wrist).

We also sell barrel nut grease to prevent thread seizing.


  • Steel
  • Great for whacking at stuff 
  • Great for twisting stuff that be need'in twisting 
  • Weight: 520g

You get:

  1. AR-15 armourer's multi-tool

Compatible with:

  • Buffer tubes
  • Buttstock castle nuts
  • A1/A2 buttstock screws
  • Standard AR-15/M16 barrel nuts
  • Pinhole-style AR-15/M16 handguard barrel nuts (usually seen on full-size free-float handguards) but note there is no spanner for the locking ring
  • Muzzle devices with 3/4" or 5/8" flats

Not compatible with:

  • AR-10- or AR-308-size parts
  • Lightweight/low-profile or other handguards that use a special wrench
  • Thumbs

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