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AR-15 Bolt Maintenance Kit

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688738 ar15-bolt-maintenance-kit

Everyone who shoots AR-15's has a bolt. Well I was originally shocked to learn that the bolt is a moving part and moving parts sometimes need maintenance. This bolt maintenance doesn't need to be done all the time. I simply change everything when the bolt fails the gas ring test, that is:

Use the gas ring test:

  1. Starting with a removed BGC,
  2. Rotate/extend your bolt out of the carrier all the way (as if its locked in the chamber).
  3. Stand the BCG, bolt down, on a flat surface. Let go so the Carrier is pulled down by gravity.
  4. If the bolt collapses into the carrier under the weight then you need new gas rings. If it just sits there at attention, throw her back in the upper and get shooting!


  1. Strip the BCG down to base components.
  2. Stick the bolt into the carrier and turn it so gravity is trying to pull the bolt out.
  3. If the bolt falls out, the rings are pooched. If not, keep cracking!


  • 10 common pieces
  • Mil-Spec
  • Made in an ISO 9001:2008 factory
  • Very similar to other commercial kits

You get:

  • (3) Gas rings
  • (1) Ejector
  • (1) Ejector roll pin
  • (1) Ejector spring
  • (1) Extractor
  • (1) Extractor pin
  • (1) Extractor spring
  • (1) Extractor spring insert
10 parts in total. Milspec quality

Compatible with:

  • All AR15 bolts for 223/5.56 parent cases

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: Pin punches, little flat face screwdrivers to help with the bolt gas rings

Installation notes: You may not need to change out all these parts at once. Think of this kit as a "Save a Range Day" kit