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  1. You get what you pay for
    Initially was happy with it during my build, but found that while installing my mil spec buffer tube, the wrench slips and won't fit the mil spec castle nut for some reason. Began to strip it and even marred some of the threads from slipping. Have stopped my build for now before I truly mess it up. Tried everything, but ending up having to buy a better wrench. Not a bad buy for your buck, but honestly, just suck it up and buy right the first time.

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  2. A must have
    Works 100% a must have tool that is priced well !!

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  3. Solid Wrench for the Price
    It's not perfect, but for the price, you can't go wrong. It will do everything you need to tighten up your build, but as mentioned, the whole doesn't fit a torque wrench properly. I shimmed it up to make it work for me (although I knew it had this "issue" before) and I'm very happy with it!

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AR-15 Multi Wrench (Single Ended)

78% of 100
In stock

This specialized tool is designed to perform important screwing jobs when working on your AR-15. It can torque the following parts:

  • Buttstock tube
  • Buttstock castle nut
  • Barrel nut (both types: standard and free-float handguard style)
  • Muzzle devices such as flash hiders and muzzle brakes

(If you don't need to work with barrel nuts, you might get away with using our Basic AR-15 Wrench)

This wrench is slightly nicer than other multi wrenches as the handle area is less busy and thus more comfy when in hand.  

There is a square hole for a 1/2" torque wrench (not included) to get the perfect amount of torque on your barrel nut (though many people use a calibrated wrist).

We also sell barrel nut grease to prevent thread seizing.

We've discounted this a few bucks since the 1/2" torque wrench hole is a little loosey goosey but she still works.


  • Notch sizes: 0.68" and 0.74"
  • Torque wrench hole: 0.55" for a 1/2" torque wrench stud
  • Steel construction
  • Weight: 485g

You get:

  1. AR-15 armourer's multi-tool

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