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Bolt Catch Shim Kit

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If you're picky about your bolt catch not sliding on its roll pin you might appreciate this shim kit to help take up the gap. These kits can also help reduce issues related to a worn bolt catch and the bolt not holding open on the last shot (if the reason is cause the bolt catch is super sloppy). These might just save and revitalize that tired old lower receiver of yesteryear.

  • Reduces side play of the bolt catch
  • Colour-coded so you know the thickness of each shim at a glance
  • Weight: one-eighth of a pixie fart each

You get:

  • (3) 0.002" shims
  • (3) 0.003" shims 
  • (3) 0.004" shims
  • (3) 0.005" shims

    Compatible with:

    • Mil-spec AR-15/M16 receivers/bolt catches

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Roll pin punch and hammer for setting it

    Installation notes: This may take a few tries and a few roll pins until it's just right. Work on a big clean bench so you don't lose these little guys

    Specifications (all models)