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Mouse Milk Penetrating Oil / Rust Solvent (1/2 oz Eyedropper Bottle)

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Lemme guess,

you were out in the rain and shooting corrosive ammo then forgot to clan your firearm. Now everything is all rusted and tough to take apart.


OR you're trying to remove the gas key screws from your BCG and they are really not moving, Almost like the high temperatures from your rapid fire strings cooked the old oil into a locking paste.

Mouse milk and elbow grease will help you on your journey.

Muscle in a hustle... for speedy help in the removal of rusted and frozen studs. MOUSE MILK frees up cables, slides, linkages and bolts. MOUSE MILK is unequalled wherever a lubricant or penetrant is required.

MOUSE MILK will dissolve rust, relieve friction and resist oxidation.

MOUSE MILK has amazing creeping ability. Frozen nuts and bolts can be easily loosened and removed after allowing MOUSE MILK to creep down the threads and break up the rust and corrosion.

MOUSE MILK is an effective cutting fluid when drilling tapping or turning metals.

  • Not to be confused with Moose milk
  • Fun fact! you can milk anything that has nipples!
  • Smells like airplane gas
  • Used in aviation to lubricate the inside of throttle body linkage cables 
  • Great for sneaking in to loosen stuck threaded items 
  • Helps to free stuck or rusted bolts and pins

You get:

  • (1) 1/2 oz of mouse milk in a glass eyedropper bottle

    Compatible with:

    • pretty much anything metal 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Included dropper

    Installation notes: A few drops will do ya! This stuff kinda smells a bit so if you are using more than a few drops some ventilation might be a good idea. remember to tighten the lid when you are done so that the solvent doesn't evaporate. If the solvent flashes off you will lose the penetrating capabilities of the oil