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Pivot Pin Installation Helper Tool

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This is a handy tool that makes installing Pivot Pins a breeze. This lets even my grandma install a Pivot Pin without taking her eyes off the strapping young 65-year-old bingo caller.

Here's the whole process, it sounds complex but quite easy when you do it:

  1. Insert the Alignment Tool (the larger piece) through the Lower Receiver Pivot Pin Hole so the cross-hole lines up with the Receiver's Detent Hole.
  2. Drop the Detent Spring and Detent through the cross-hole into the Receiver.
  3. Use the Punch (the smaller tool) to press the Detent down into the receiver until the Alignment Tool can be rotated.
  4. Remove the Punch
  5. Hold your Pivot Pin by the head and use it to push out the Alignment Tool while following it through the Lower Receiver Pivot Pin Hole. The detent should pop into the Pivot Pin's detent slot.

    You get:

    • (1) Alignment tool
    • (1) Punch tool

      Compatible with:

      • AR-15 with standard size holes

      Installation Difficulty: