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Proprietary Colt IUR Barrel Nut Wrench

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This is our twist on the COLT IUR barrel nut wrench. The official Colt wrenches are essentially unobtainable in the real world outside of the factory so we made up our own. This wrench IS ONLY compatible with Colt IUR uppers receivers and the associated proprietary castle nut type barrel nut.

This is really the only way for you to remove the barrel nut from your IUR. You have no access to the nut without a specialty long reach tool!

Great for doing maintenance, barrel replacement, shortie conversion, etc.

  • Only fits the Colt IUR type barrel nuts (and clones)
  • Cut from prehard steel
  • It's a complete through-hole so you can use it with long aftermarket barrels 
  • 1/2" and 3/8" drive for your torque wrench of choice 
  • Can reach down inside an IUR handguard up to 12" long
  • Blued finish 
  • Weight: 575g

You get:

  • (1) Barrel nut wrench

    Compatible with:

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: This is the tool

    Installation notes: It's a bit of work to get to the barrel nut. Remove the muzzle device, take out the screws for the gas block, slide off the gas block and gas tube together, remove the inner heat shield by compressing it from both sides with small punches (the heat shield is like a leaf spring holding itself in place by forcing 2 little protrusions into slots of the hand guard portion of the IUR.

    Manufacturer's model number: home grown baby