Takedown Pin Detent Retention Mod Kit

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Customize Takedown Pin Detent Retention Mod Kit

The Takedown Pin Detent & Detent Spring can easily slip out from under the End Plate and launch across the room when installing or changing the buttstock. You can stop this from happening simply by tapping (making threads in) the spring/detent hole, and installing a set screw to trap the detent spring in place(stll alowing it to squish as required though). The set screw will hold the detent spring in place even if the buttstock/end plate is loose or not present. This makes installing the buttstock a little easier and a piece of cake if you ever want to change the end plate.

We have put together this simple kit to help you do this for up to 3 guns. Spare taps and screws are available.

You get:

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15, AR-10, M16, M4 Lower Receivers

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: A vice block to hold the Lower Receiver will make it easier to tap straight

    Installation notes: When tapping the hole, take care to keep the tap straight into the hole, and you can't go in all at once, you have to turn 1/2" turn forward, then 1/4" turn back, and repeat. This helps break up and clear the metal chips out.

    Brand True North Arms (TNA)
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