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Ergo AR Wedge - Red

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These little guys help to promote better accuracy by fitting tightly between the upper and lower to take up any wiggle. Sometimes you buy parts on sale and end up with a franken-AR, that's perfectly OK, drop one of these guys in to take up any slack in the tolerance differences between manufacturers or to tighten up a well-used beast. 

  • Improves fit between upper and lower receivers 
  • High density synthetic rubber
  • Made by Ergo
  • Weight: 1.5g
  • Dimensions: Ø13 x 19mm tall

You get:

  • (1) Ergo AR Wedge

Compatible with:

  • All AR upper
  • All AR lowers

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: None

Installation notes: This is pretty straight forward, pull the take down pin, rotate the upper off the lower, drop this wedge rubber wedge into the rear of the lower behind the take down pin, then close her up! 

Overall Diameter (mm):
  • 13