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  1. Great lock but I wish it works on other non-AR that takes AR mags
    Too bad it doesn't work on my T97 but works like a charm in all my AR or Troy PAR. Very secure and great fit.

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  2. great lock
    Great lock solid and secure. Had to buy this one because i have a bad lever so trigger lock dont work for me. Very happy

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Franzen AR-15 Firearm Lock

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An elegant way to protect your AR-15 from use by unauthorized individuals. Trigger locks are pretty clumsy, scratch your receiver, and may not prevent the trigger from being pulled. 

This innovative lock to the rescue. It goes inside the magwell and drives a stud into the barrel extension, thereby preventing any cartridges or even the bolt from getting anywhere near the chamber. A common trigger lock does not prevent you from chambering a round and potentially letting one off, whereas the Franzen makes the gun truly disabled at the point of action.

Unlike clumsy trigger locks which may or may not actually prevent the trigger from being pulled, even a syphilitic monkey can install the Franzen AR-15 Firearm Lock one-handed and be confident that the firearm is locked out from functioning.

It's easy to see at a glance whether it's locked or not by whether the black button is visible - protruding means unlocked. To lock it, you don't need the key, simply push in the black button.

To unlock you simply insert the key and turn. The black lock button is spring-loaded and pops out on its own, no two-hand coordination required. To make it even easier, the key is reversible, meaning you don't have to orient it right-side-up, it works both ways.

Rubber gasket prevents marring your magwell edge. Note that when the lock is in place, the Upper becomes inseparable from the Lower.

The lock cylinder, made by the respected German security company, uses a side-pin technology that is much more difficult to pick than your typical vertical-pin lock.

Ordinary key-type trigger lock Franzen AR-15 Firearm Lock
Prevents a round from chambering No Yes
Made in  Who knows? Mars perhaps Germany by ze Germans
Reversible key No Yes
Super-secure lock No Yes
Locks the Upper to the Lower No Yes
Can be locked without the key No Yes
Can tell if it's locked at a glance No Yes
Scratches your trigger area Likely Never!
  • Comes with the key code on a card
  • Weight: 133g

You get:

  • (1) Firearm lock
  • (2) Keys stamped with the code
  • (1) Keycard
  • (1) Instruction card

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15/M16
    • Some firearms like the Keltec SU-16 are reported to work
    • Maybe other firearms that use AR-15 magazines 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: None

    Installation notes: Remember she can lock without the key. Maybe keep the two keys in separate places in case you lose one and keep the key card in a safe place...

    Manufacturer's model number: 11167