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Golf Ball Launcher v2.0-5/8"-24

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This fun attachment lets you shoot golf balls a fair distance, 100-200+ yards depending on the ammo. Some customers are using these to launch dummy/stuffed birds for training retreiver dogs. 

The piece itself is new and improved over previous versions: we added 3/4" wrench flats, reduced the weight by 40%, and now it is machined from billet instead of welded, so the inside is smooth and slag-free. Also with the necking it looks pretty swank on the end of a barrel.

Use blank ammo only, no boolits allowed! Or you're gonna have a bad time.

Bore is 4" long × 1.700" ± 2 thou.  Load up to 3 golf balls simultaneously.

We recommend using a crush washer or jam nut (sold separately)