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Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH Trigger

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The HIPERTOUCH series of triggers is distinguished by it's Cam-Over Toggle system, analogous to the cams in a compound longbow, that allows it to have very hard hammer strikes with a minimal trigger weight.

Choose from a variety of configurations of trigger bow, amount of pre-travel, and material finish.

The most popular by far is the Competition model because it has an adjustable finger shoe and near-zero pre-travel. Upgrade to the Eclipse to add a NiB finish, or downgrade to the Reflex to get a standard curved trigger bow.

Features that are unique to the HIPERTOUCH series:

  • Cam-Over Toggle Engine
  • Soft-Start Lock-Up™ for Pre-Ignition Stability

Key differences between each edition:

Genesis Elite Reflex Competition Eclipse
Bow Curved Straight bow with adjustable shoe
Amount of pre-Travel MIL Just a hint Almost zero

The Eclipse also adds the Nickel Bliss™ Electroless Nickel Boron (NiB) finish for an exceptionally smooth feel, enhanced corrosion protection, and a polished look.

Note the Eclipse shoe is black, not red as shown in the photo.

  • Two user-adjustable trigger weights (2.5 or 3.5 pounds)
  • Very short over-travel
  • Positive reset you can feel and hear
  • Single-Stage Semi-Auto action
  • Crisp, clean trigger break
  • Very hard hammer strikes
  • Made in the USA
You get:
  • (1) Trigger and hammer assembly
  • (2) Hammer/trigger pins
  • (1) Drift pin to help install hammer/trigger pins
  • (2) Pairs of toggle springs of different strengths
  • (1) Toggle yoke assembly
  • (1) Toggle pivot
Compatible with:
  • AR-15 lowers
  • Most firearms that accept AR-15 triggers
Not compatible with:
  • WK-180c
  • Maccabee SLR
Installation difficulty:
Tools required:
  • Pin punch or soft mallet to drive in the pins
Installation Tips:
  • Use the drift pin to make things easier, put the tapered end through the receiver into the trigger, then follow it with the trigger pin, pushing the drift pin out the other side. Push the trigger pin in with the smooth end first! SO it doesn't get stuck halfway in.