Krinkov-Style Flaming Swine Muzzle Device (Smooth)

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Provides better flash suppression than a standard A2-style birdcage flash hider, and directs all gases and fire in a forward direction. This protects nearby personnel especially when shooting from inside vehicles or in tight spaces. This is great for shooting prone or near a wall where a traditional muzzle brake will kick back gases/debris. Also awesome on a pistol upper or when used an espresso cup (simply thread a bolt with Teflon tape into the threaded hole and wola!

The inner funnel tends to increase gas pressure and help cycle SBR's. Also helps redirect the noise and blast away from the shooter which can be an issue when running a shorter barrel.

  • Reduces flash, side blast
  • Two variants, one for .30cal (5/8" threads) one for .22cal (1/2" threads)
  • Steel construction
  • Opens for easy cleaning - use a flathead screwdriver or something pointy to lift up the retainer clip and unscrew the insert.
  • As a added bonus it kind of looks like a fake can
  • Unmarked
  • Smooth outside
  • Weight: 242g
  • Dimensions: 87 x Ø35mm (length × diameter)

You get:

  • (1) Muzzle device
  • (1) Free crush washer

    Compatible with:

    • Any .30-caliber firearm with 5/8-24 threads
    • Any .22-caliber firearm with 1/2-28 threads
    • 9mm projectiles go through just fine
    • Stainless and blued steel barrels
    • Replaces the flaming pig

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: Armourer's wrench or any 3/4" wrench (½" version) or a 1" wrench for the 5/8" version. Upper receiver vice or barrel vice will make installation easier

    Installation note: Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun, as shown in the diagram below:

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