Lantac Blast Mitigation Device BMD Type A2

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So the Lantac Dragon is freaking awesome at loweing muzzle rise and felt recoil - we all know that. But we also know that it has a hell of a concussion, which may be very annoying to a lot of people - especially those who are in the lane beside you! Luckily, Lantac has a solution to that too. Enter the Blast Mitigation Device - it is a unique blast shield that allows the muzzle brake contained inside it to continue to function as normal with regard to muzzle climb mitigation, but also puts the blast forward so the overall concussion effect is lowered.

It mounds to the Dragon via the use of two clips that must both be depressed together in order to remove the device from its mount. This device comes complete with the A2 mounting collar that is designed to function with ONLY the following non pinned & welded LANTAC Dragon™ Brakes (which we also happen to stock too!):

  • DGN556B (5.56/223)
  • DGN9MMB (9mm 1/2x36)
  • DGN9MMC (9mm MPX)
  • DGN9MMD (9mm 1/2x28)
  • DGNAK47B (AK47)

Note: DOES NOT WORK with Dragon GemTech or SilencerCo Supressor Mounts, and it ONLY works with Lantac Dragon muzzle brakes. NOT a flash suppressor.


  • Material: Milspec Gun Steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Weight including Adapter: 7.3oz
  • Made in the USA.

Comes with appropriate crush washers.
Full instructions included.

Product Weight (grams)207
Brand model numberBMDA2
Overall Height (")2.570
Overall Diameter (")1.6
New from dateDec 30, 2018
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