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Lower Receiver Spare Parts Kit

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For all of us builders, we all share something in common - whenever we're attempted to assemble an AR-15, somehow, some way, some spring or detent goes flying off into the ether, never to be seen again. And that means we have to go to the shop and get more spares. This kit will save you the trip!

You can also consider it a lower parts kit with all of the bare essentials, allowing you to customize every other aspect of your lower such as the trigger, grip, bolt catch, magazine release assembly and selector switch. Great for those who want a no-frills set with no un-necessary parts!

You get:
  • (1) Bolt catch plunger
  • (1) Bolt catch roll pin
  • (1) Bolt catch spring
  • (1) Buffer retainer
  • (1) Buffer retainer spring
  • (1) Disconnector spring
  • (1) Hammer spring
  • (2) Hammer/trigger pin
  • (1) Magazine catch spring
  • (1) Pistol grip screw
  • (1) Pistol grip screw lock washer
  • (1) Pivot pin
  • (2) Pivot/takedown pin detent
  • (2) Pivot/takedown pin detent spring
  • (1) Takedown pin
  • (1) Safety detent
  • (1) Safety detent spring
  • (1) Trigger spring
21 parts in total. Milspec quality. 

Compatible with:

  • All AR-15 lowers
  • Plastic, aluminum and other metal lowers

Installation Difficulty:

Installation Notes: Building a lower is really easy, just be patient. You will need some oil, pin punches and possibly a soft-faced hammer for light tapping. Needle nose pliers help to hold the pins and you can use other punches as guides. Youtube is your friend, and you can give us a call too!