Lower Parts Kit (LPK) for AR-15, No Trigger Group

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Customize Lower Parts Kit (LPK) for AR-15, No Trigger Group

All internal parts you need to complete a stripped AR-15 lower receiver, except the buttstock assembly. Comes from an OEM factory that supplies these and other small parts to many big brand names.

Also this kit does not have the trigger group parts (trigger, hammer, disconnector, and respective springs) to save you a little $$ for those of you who are planning to install an aftermarket trigger.

  • Mil-spec
  • Comes in an unmarked polybag from an ISO 9001:2008 military contractor

You get:

  • (1) Trigger pin
  • (1) Hammer pin
  • (1) Bolt catch
  • (1) Bolt catch plunger
  • (1) Bolt catch spring
  • (1) Bolt catch roll pin
  • (1) Fire selector
  • (1) Selector detent
  • (1) Selector detent spring
  • (1) Pivot pin
  • (1) Takedown pin
  • (2) Takedown detents
  • (2) Takedown springs
  • (1) Buffer retainer 
  • (1) Buffer retainer spring
  • (1) Magazine catch
  • (1) Magazine catch button
  • (1) Magazine catch spring
  • (1) Trigger guard assembly
  • (1) Trigger guard retaining pin
  • (1) A2 pistol grip
  • (1) Slotted attachment screw
  • (1) Star lock washer

    (25 pieces in total)

    Compatible with:

    • All AR-15 lowers and clones
    • Plastic, aluminum and other metal lowers

    Installation Difficulty:

    Installation Notes: Building a lower is really easy, just be patient. You will need some oil, pin punches and possibly a soft-faced hammer for light tapping. Needle nose pliers help to hold the pins and you can use other punches as guides.

    BrandTrue North Arms (TNA)
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