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Magwedge XCR .308 (for BCL102, Stag10)

In stock
688746 MAGWEDGE XCR .308

Joins two 10-round XCR- 308 mags together to give you a shape similar to an extended stick magazine. Mags oriented to face in the same direction and at a slight angle but will otherwise do the same job that the type 2 couplers will do.

  • High quality aluminum with black anodizing
  • Ain't going to work with plastic mags 
  • Weight: 50g

You get:

  • (1) Mag wedge

    Compatible with:

    • Most metal mags
    • BCL102

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: 3mm hex key 

    Installation notes: Remove the base plate on your mag, slide this baby on and install the screw

    This is the Mag coupler for the 10 round pistol mag made by ASC for the XCR rifle in 308 caliber. Looks and functions similarly to our type 2 AR15 coupler.