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MFT 'Engage' Tactical Pistol Grip (EPG16)

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The Engage tactical pistol grip (EPG16) provides a combination of fit and function unparalleled by the originally supplied M16/AR15/M4/HK416 pistol grip. The finger swells are textured and the grooved backstraps provide a positive grip surface with wet or gloved hands. There is a secure watertight storage compartment with plug retention for one handed storage access. A customization storage sled with quick access tab diminishes all rattle.


  • Designed for M16/M4/AR15/HK416
  • Tab covers the receiver gaps that cause discomfort during sustained usage and can be easily removed if desired
  • Finger swells and a grooved backstrap provide a non-slip grip
  • Secure watertight storage compartment
  • Plug retention for one handed storage access
  • Customization foam storage block with quick access tab diminishes rattle
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Click Here For Instructional Video
  • EPG16 Black


  • Weight: 2.4oz
  • Length: 3.420"
  • Width: 1.220"
  • Height: 4.804"

You get:

  • (1) Tactical pistol grip

Compatible with:

  • All mil-spec AR15 and M16 lowers
  • Grip screws and washers

Installation Difficulty: 

Tools required:

What ever you need to move your grip screw, likely a slot screwdriver 

Installation notes:

Not much to say. Be careful not to pinch the safety detent spring as it might pop down when you take your current grip off.