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MFT RQDG React Quick Detach Grip

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The React Quick Detach Grip (RQDG) is a full-fist sized textured vertical grip designed to quickly detach or attach without the use of tools and provides a positive grip surface with wet or gloved hands. This grip allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure keeping the weapon shouldered, yielding better muzzle control and accuracy. This is the grip you want if your objective is to have the ability to quickly and toollessly rearrange your vertical grip setup.


  • Quick detach vertical grip
  • Grooved gripping surfaces to eliminate hand slippage
  • Secure watertight storage
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Weight: 4.0oz
  • Length: 2.000"
  • Width: 1.240"
  • Height: 5.096"

You get:


Compatible with:

  • Picatinny and weaver rails

Installation Difficulty: 

Tools required: None

Installation notes: Loosen the screw, slide her in/on, toss a couple batteries inside and tighten the cap.