Mystery Box V3 Containing Enough Parts to Make a Complete AR-15 5.56

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Mystery Box Containing Enough Parts to Make a Complete AR15-2

We are clearing out some corners of our warehouse and have found lots of different things that we want to move on to new loving homes.

We are letting some items go below MAP so we can't really advertise the items directly without getting into hot water. You know what Grandma always says, “Hot water is best left in the kettle” and this rule definitely applies here.

I've been reading about mystery boxes online and thought "Hey we should do an AR-15 mystery box!"

So here we go!

There are a few guarantees that I will make to you:

1: The box will contain ALL of the parts needed to build a complete AR-15 rifle  (Restricted firearm/ RPAL needed)

2: We will include 1 magazine

3: All the parts are new but MIGHT have a minor kiss somewhere 

4: The stripped lower will be Anderson Manufacturing 

5: The caliber will be 223 wylde or 5.56NATO

6: The build will be optics ready but will not include any sights 

7: The stripped upper receiver will be Anderson Manufacturing 

8: The quantity is super limited and will contain some items that will no longer be available

9 It will have a free float handguard

10: the barrel will be about 20" long or under 10" you make the request in yoiur order comments or we will pick for you 



The rest is up to us but you will end up with a build that is worth well over $800 if the parts were bought individually. Now you don't have to worry about forgetting to buy a part or compatibility issues, We'll take care of that for you 


Feel like you need / want some extra excitement in your life?

This might be just what the Dr ordered 


You need to send us some info before we can ship:

  1. Your PAL number
  2. Date of birth  (YYYY/MM/DD)
  3. Whether the purpose is for target shooting or a collector
  4. Your gun club
  5. Your birth city



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Classification RESTRICTED
Chamber 5.56×45mm NATO
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