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Offset Pin with Nut (Adapts Large Pin Lowers to Modern Uppers) Colt

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Do you have an older possibly pre ban (merican terms) lower with big pin holes that needs adapting to a modern upper (small holes)? This might just be the thing that you need!

Converts the old 0.315" diameter pivot pin to the moderns 0.250" size and accommodates the slightly offset hole position.

  • Smaller bit is 0.248" diameter
  • Larger bit is 0.313" diameter
  • Bushmaster brand 
  • Made in Merica!
  • Weight: 8g

You get:

  • (1) Pin with nut

    Compatible with:

    • Large pin lowers
    • Small pin uppers

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Couple O screw drivers and maybe some thread locker

    Installation notes: Pretty simple rally,

    Try to install the upper as usual, you'll see that the holes and pin diameters don't line up. rotate this beast and slide it in( it only goes in 1 orientation. once in, tighten the other side in place