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Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release v2 for AR-308 (EBRv2/308)

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  • Fits most AR-308 lower receivers, including Springfield Saint Victor 308, Aero Precision 308, Matrix M762-D, DPMS Gen I, DPMS LR-308.
  • Can be massaged to fit some of the firearms in the Not Compatible list with careful bending with pliers and some soft jaws.
  • Phase 5 doesn't advertise the finish but feels like a matte phosphate or parkerizing.
You get:
  • (1) Extended bolt release
Compatible with:
  • Christensen Arms CA-10
  • Diamondback DB10 series
  • DPMS Gen 1 .308 Rifles
  • Noreen Firearms BN308
  • Noveske N6
  • PSA Gen3 PA-10
  • Sharps Brothers “Jack”
  • Springfield Saint Victor
  • Stag Arms 10
  • Windham SRC 308
  • Aero Precision M5
Not compatible with:
  • Anderson AM-10
  • ArmaLite AR-10 Rifles
  • Black Rain Ordnance
  • CMMG .458 SOCOM
  • CMT Billet Lowers
  • Daniel Defense DD5v1
  • Diamondback DB308G2B
  • DPMS GII .308 (Gen 2)
  • HK MR762, JP Rifles
  • LWRC REPR .308
  • Palmetto State Armory .308
  • POF .308, Ruger 762
  • Savage Arms MSR-10
  • SIG716
  • Smith and Wesson MP10
  • SunDevil 308
  • Wilson Combat AR-10
  • If you have a Larue 7.62 OBR or UTAS 12g XTR-12, these can take the Phase 5 EBRv3 AR-15 version.
Installation difficulty:
Tools required:
  • Whatever hex key or screwdriver works on the bolt catch screw for your receiver
Installation Tips:
  • Keep the bolt catch screw that comes with your receiver because this doesn't come with one.

The Phase 5 (EBRv2/308) gives the operator the ability to reload quicker, clear jams in a more efficient way and eliminate unnecessary hand movements during various operations.

Monolithic tri-steeltechnology gives the (EBRv2/308) the ability to be lightweight and super strong. Made for the DPMS type AR-308 rifles. This unit has gone through a stringent 9-stage manufacturing process; creating the product that is depended on and trusted by tactical trainers and law enforcement officers nationwide.

(EBRv2/308) has no obstructing backing plates or screws that fail, come loose or get in the way of some weapon systems.