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RCMP Guy Keychain

In stock

The timeless RCMP Guy meme in keychain format. This guy will be watching to ensure no mag rivets fall out and that you actually have a 18.5"+ barrel. If your magazine ever so much as coughs, this meme sticker will be there to give you the shocker to set you back on track.

Attach to your LAR-15 cabinet keys or take off the keychain part and stick it anywhere.

  • It's a flat rubber thing, like a PVC patch with no velcro
  • Knife in the photo not included, I need that to open MREs if SHTF
  • Figure's head is about 32mm wide x 40mm tall

You get:

  • (1) Keychain

    Compatible with:

    • The keys to your car, house, and LAR-15 magazine cabinet
    • Lanyards
    • Grenade rings

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Fingernail or a very sharp, very firm piece of cheese


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