Refined Spiked Muzzle Device

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I don't know what to call this thing. It's not a phantom, it's not a seriously spiked beast.... Ah lets call it the poltergeist device. It's kinda like our spiked device however the spikes are more refined and there is a tiny flat to be timed to the bottom for a bit of help with dust kick-up.

It's a hexagon and  the chamber is blocked on two opposite sides and is open on the other four sides

  • Blackened steel construction
  • Reduce recoil and muzzle rise
  • Helps to hide the flash a touch 

1/2"-28 version

  • For .22 calibres such as .223, 5.56, etc
  • Wrench span is 17mm
  • Dimensions: Ø22 × 65mm (diameter × length)
  • Weight: 80g

5/8"-24 version

  • For .30 calibres such as 300 BLK, 7.62x39, .308, etc
  • Dimensions: Ø25 × 65mm (diameter × length)
  • Weight: 96g

You get:

  • (1) Muzzle brake
  • (1) Crush washer (not shown)

    Compatible with:

    • Threaded barrels of the appropriate size thread and calibre as outlined above

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: strap wrench if you're going by the book, but many folks will use a dowel or another stick through the chamber. Upper Vice Block would help but is not mandatory.

    Installation notes: 

    1. You need to "time" this muzzle device by installing one or two crush washers that will deform as you tighten it to the desired orientation.
    2. Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun, as shown in the diagram below:


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