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Reverse Fake Can/Suppressor with Linear Compensator

In stock
From CA$71.97
For muzzle thread: 1/2"-28
Actual bore diameter (inches): 0.25
Bored for Projectile: .22 / 5.56mm
Inner Diameter ("): 0.765
Product Weight (grams): 341
In stock
For muzzle thread: 5/8"-24
Actual bore diameter (inches): 0.348
Bored for Projectile: .30 / 7.62mm
Inner Diameter ("): 0.765
Product Weight (grams): 335
In stock
  • Redirects concussion, flash, and noise forward on short barrels
  • Nitrided to about 57 Rockwell hardness
  • As of June 2020, they now have a subtle laser engraving with the bore diameter (hint, don't shoot 9mm thru the .308 version) and thread specs for easy identification.
You get:
  • (1) Fake suppressor/linear compensator muzzle device
You need to get separately:
  • o-ring
Installation difficulty:
Tools required:
  • Strong hands or a strap wrench to torque it down. A vise block, reaction rod, torque tool, BEV block, or similar fixture will help make things easier.

Following the popularity of our fake suppressors, a customer gave us the idea for a fake suppressor with a linear compensator built in. Our product engineers got to work and came up with this. 

A linear comp pushes the blast, flash, and noise forward, which makes for a more pleasant shooting experience on short barrels (14.5" or less).

The fake suppressor aspect of it is just plain fun and a real conversation starter at the range.

The 12oz mass helps hold the muzzle down. Some people like this whether shooting offhand or on a bench/bipod.

Will this fit your barrel? You need 3.93" (100mm) of free space behind the thread shoulder. A picture is worth 1000 words, see the cutaway view below. (Dimensions in inches)