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Rubber Butt-Pad for M4 Adjustable Buttstocks

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Sometimes the spiky plastic of a basic butt stock is unpleasant. I'm thinking summer shooting in a sleeveless shirt probably with some BBQ sauce on there. This firm rubber cover goes right on most basic mil-spec and commercial spec M4-style buttstocks for added comfort. It literally hugs your stock and is held in place by the elastic properties of rubber.

Not much recoil absorption but it makes the butt less sharp and more rounded -- less Captain Phasma, more yoga instructor -- and adds about 1/2" to your length of pull. This could be useful for finding a desired LOP that is 'in between' buttstock positions.

  • Black rubber construction
  • Not sticky
  • Super simple, stretch and sweep to get it on

You get:

  • (1) Rubber butt stock pad

    Compatible with:

    • All basic M4 style adjustable stocks 

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: Nope

    Installation notes: Just stretch it on