Service: Muzzle Device Modification/ Machining for 9mm/.40 cal

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A few folks have asked us for 9mm or .40cal versions of our muzzle devices. Many can be modified to work as long as your barrel is threaded for 5/8-24.

Please put the details of your request in the comment section at checkout, or contact us if you have questions or a special request.

  • Adds about 1 week to shipping time for your entire order
  • Some muzzle devices are made from heat treated / hardened steel. This service may not be possible (cost effectively) in some cases thus we reserve the right to reject an order

You get:

  • (1) Muzzle device bored out to the appropriate diameter with about 35 thou clearance

    Compatible with:

    • Many of our muzzle devices.  At this time we know for sure we can do this for Long Birdcage Flash Hider and NEA Muzzle Brakes. Send us an email to ask if your desired muzzle device can be modified.
    • Soft metals and aluminum devices like fake cans 
    • 5/8-24 threaded barrels
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