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  1. Outstanding Custom Job
    I had requested a custom 9mm bore drilling for my used A2 birdcage in 1/2-28 threading. I saw they listed 5/8-24 threaded barrels only, which confused me. I contacted TNA to inquire and they confirmed it's no problem, they can also do 1/2-28 as well. So I gave them a shot at it, which took a week for them to do the custom job. When I received my birdcage back, I was very satisfied with the professional precision job in bore drilling to my specs. I highly recommend TNA, for a custom bore drilling as an economical alternative solution, if you have an extra spare muzzle device to save money on spending a brand new one.

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Service: Muzzle Device Modification/ Machining for 9mm/.40 cal

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Often we get asked for muzzle devices in 9mm or other calibres that are not presently offered. We have a lathe on hand so we can machine most muzzle devices to get a result that works for your calibre.

The simplest example is to take a 5/8"-24-threaded muzzle brake for .30 calibre and bore this out for 9mm or .40cal.  Some .22 calibre brakes can be bored out for 9mm, for example to make a 5.56 brake work on a FX-9 which uses 1/2"-28 threads.

This modification service adds about 1 week to the shipping time for your entire order.

Some brakes don't have enough material to machine away

Not all muzzle devices can be successfully modified. For example if there is not much meat and boring out the muzzle device would not leave enough material.  Also some devices are made of heat-treated or otherwise hardened steel which can be make it impossible to cost-effectively modify. In these cases we reserve the right to reject an order (of course you'll get refunded for work that is not done).

Please put the details of your request in the comment section at checkout, or contact us if you have questions or a special request.