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Shim Kit for Muzzle Devices (DRP)

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This kit of shims from DRP in the USA is an alternative to using a crush washer to correctly orient your muzzle device.

You get a set of shims of various thicknesses. You get one super thick shim which makes a half rotation adjustment and might be required for some barrels that have a thick area at the base of the threads. You get 8 medium shims which give you 45 degrees rotation per shim. And you get one super thin shim for fine adjustment. (These rotations assume your threads are either 1/2"-28 or 5/8"-24, you'll get more rotation if you've got a higher pitch like 1/2"-36)

  • Outer diameter: 0.75" (1/2") or 0.810" (5/8")
  • Weight: one unicorn sneeze

      Installation Difficulty: 

      Tools required: The appropriate wrench for your muzzle device

      Installation notes: Start with the medium shims, if they don't go cleanly to the bottom of the threads then start with the Thick shim. Then add Medium shims until you get to where you want the muzzle device. Use the super thin shim if you need that last little bit of rotation