Three Tooth Flash Can

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A simple but striking flash-can style blast redirection device.  May reduce flash slightly but the primary function is to funnel the gases forward to push the noise way from the shooter.

The handsome appearance also adds a nice touch to any firearm. The three prongs will leave a distinct impression on any forehead that gets in the way.

Compatible with any size projectile since it's just an open can.

You get:

  • (1) Muzzle device
  • (1) Crush washer (not pictured)

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: wrench, crush washer, upper or barrel vice

Installation notes:

  1. You need to "time" this muzzle device by installing one or two crush washers that will deform as you tighten it to the desired orientation.
  2. Remember to orient the crush washer with the tapered side towards the gun, as shown in the diagram below:

Product Weight (grams)94
Overall Length (")2.99
Overall Diameter (")1.37
Actual bore diameter (inches)0.908
New from dateNov 4, 2018
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