TNA Snap Caps (Dummy Rounds) for .223/5.56x45

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Sweet anodized aluminum body, super smooth all over, laser etched caliber on the base.

Gets the job done to help verify feed paths and do practice drills without live ammo. This features a movable primer region held in place by a spring to absorb the firing pin strike. Unlike plastic dummy rounds which deform and no longer absorb energy, your firing pin will always hit something before bottoming out inside the bolt (which could be damaging if it didn't have something to hit).

I have tested one snap cap with over 1000 loading cycles from a magazine into an upper. While it got fairly scratched up from the barrel extension/mag lips, functionally it's good as new! Buy with confidence.

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Multiple colours and calibers
  • Multi-piece construction¬†
  • Weight: 8.3g

You get:

  • (1) Snap cap of the chosen colour

    Compatible with:

    • 5.56x45 and .223 REM chambers

    Installation notes: If you can't figure this out you might need to rethink your hobby

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