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Ben's New Upper

Posted by Zach M on

Customer Ben Heide in Vulcan, AB had an AR-15 that was great for medium ranges (100-600 metres) but it was too long for CQB and 3-gun. TNA supplied Ben with all parts needed to build a new, much shorter Upper that would be short and easily maneuverable.

First, a before and after shot to compare the new Upper (below) against the original:


Collecting all the Parts:

Ben used these tools from True North Arms:


Barrel and gas system installed. It's amazing how few parts go into an Upper!


Completed Upper drops right into his existing Lower:


Read the full story at Ben's blog or see more pics on his Instagram.

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  • Pretty rad! I love the AR platforms modularity….it’s like LEGO for adults. Everyone laughs when I say that, but it’s true.

    Craig on

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