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Neoconfection's Fun Gun

Posted by Zach M on

Reddit/CGN user Neoconfection had a busy week and put together this fun gun with the help of TNA parts & tools.

Neo writes:

I have the Keymod handguard, the shooting bag, and the jacket.

Overall I'm pretty happy with all of it. I recommend those who buy the shooting bag fill it with rice, not sand, because the sand will take moisture and leak through the seams.

The jacket turned out to be a pretty good buy as well. It seems well-built. Breathes, but keeps the damp out.

Like it says on the website, it fits very small, so buy a size or two up. I wear a large most of the time and the 2XL I bought was snug with a light sweater underneath. I wore it to the range today (it was about 6C and sunny with some wind) and was quite comfortable with the aforementioned layering.

Lastly, the handguard.

I was admittedly skeptical of a sub-$100 handguard, but I reasoned that it was worth a try. I mounted it on my 14.5" AR with a linear compensator on the front. You can see the picture below. Like any handguard, you will need an upper receiver vice, a vice block, and an AR armourer's wrench to fit it. Once mounted, it was solid. The Keymod rail section I have worked on it fine. It held up well at the range and I'm happy with the purchase.

TNA are solid guys and you can buy from them with confidence.

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