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Choose Your Own Buffer: A New Buttstock Kit Buying Experience

Posted by Zach M on

Lots of other gun stores will sell you a Buttstock Kit, but usually you have to take the Buffer they give you - a Standard Carbine 3oz buffer. If you want to install a heavier buffer like H, H2, or H3, then you'll have to buy the buffer separately, and that buffer that came with the kit will sit in your parts bin, collecting dirt for years.

At TNA we don't want you to buy parts you don't need. That's why today we set up our Buttstock Kits so that you can Choose Your Own Buffer.

At the Buttstock Kit product page, simply pick the Tube Size (Mil-Spec or Commercial) and the Buffer weight (Standard, H, H2, or H3) and Add to Cart. If you pull the trigger and order that, then we will assemble a Buttstock Kit just for you, with the appropriate size Tube and Buttstock, and your chosen Buffer.

And since you're buying a set of parts, we discount the Kit price by 20% or more compared to buying the parts separately.

Choose your Own Buffer is available when buying a Buttstock Kits Without a Stock too, for you folks who are adding an aftermarket stock.

At TNA we pride ourselves on offering the easiest buying experience.

You can check out these products here:

Buttstock Kit

Buttstock Kit (without stock)

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