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The TNA Difference

Why should you buy your AR-15 parts and accessories from True North Arms?

Our goal is to help make it easy and enjoyable for you to build and maintain your AR-15 rifle(s). We differentiate ourselves from other online stores in the following ways:

Our selection of AR-15 parts

  • You can find almost any AR-15 part here, and we always adding more.
  • Our store is organized into AR-15 subassemblies for easy browsing.
  • We are the only Canadian webstore where you can choose your Buffer weight when buying a Buttstock Kit.


  • We hate styrofoam peanuts and will never send you any!
  • One low, flat shipping & handling rate across Canada. No waiting for a shipping quote, and no ridiculous shipping charges for small orders.
  • We ship within 1-2 business days.

Product Info - most of our products have:

  • Weights and dimensions
  • Multiple high-resolution photos
  • Compatibility info
  • Installation tips
  • Hyperlinks to related products such as tools for installation, or alternate choices


  • We answer most emails within a day.
  • Order modifications, additions, deletions, etc are gladly handled
  • Orders come with a packing list with pictures of the items.

    What motivated us to create TNA?

    We are gun enthusiasts and tech-geeks who wanted to improve the online buying experience for AR-15 parts & accessories. 

    Most other Canadian online gun dealers are great but their webstores are a source of frustration. Catalogs with more out-of-stock products than in-stock. Tiny product photos and scant product details. Trying to find a small internal part like a pin or spring for an AR? Have fun unless you want to buy an entire parts kits and sit on lots of extra parts.

    You have to dig through fine print on other sites just to find the shipping rates. One of the major Canadian gun e-stores does not even tell you the shipping rates, you have to submit your full order with credit card and then wait for somebody to email you a shipping quote. At a different webstore, to buy a metal washer will cost you $24.99 with shipping, not including tax. This is painful to the wallet and feels like a ripoff if you only want a few small parts. You feel you have to build up a big order just to make it worthwhile.

    We are hands-on people. We have selected our product listing through personally reviewing 400+ items from a variety of suppliers. Many products we tested and then decided not to sell. We only sell products that we would use ourselves.

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    True North Arms Corp. is a proud corporate member of both the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the National Firearms Assocation.