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Ambi Safety Selector for M16 or C8 (used)

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This is a mil-spec drop-in M16 ambi (ambidextrous) safety selector. The main body drops right in just like a normal safety selector. The lever on the southpaw side is the same thickness but only about two-thirds as long.

We aren't sure where these originate, we found them in a box of random parts that was bought a sold a few times before reaching us. Our best guess is they are takeoffs from C8s that were transferred from the CF to civilian law enforcement.

Note if you put this in you AR-15 it's still going to be semi- auto, this is only going to be useful for folks who already have a lawfully-possessed C8 and wish to add a small lever on the right side of the gun.

  • Weight 19g

You get:

  • Ambi safety selector kit 

    Compatible with:

    • Mil-spec M16 or C7/C8 lowers
    • Plastic, aluminum and other metal lowers

    Installation Difficulty:

    Installing this is really quite easy, simply swap this part in if you are building a new lower. If you are upgrading your existing lower, simply tear it down to the point you can access the safety selector and insert the main body. The smaller piece is screwed into place after assembly with a 7/64" hex key.

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