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Anti-Walk Hammer/Trigger Pin Set (Clip-Style)

Anti-Walk Hammer/Trigger Pin Set (Clip-Style)

  • 1957

These pins are for those of us who suffer from walking pin syndrome. That is your hammer/trigger pins move out of position when you are shooting because something somewhere is a bit loose. These pins have little slots for "C" clips  to make it impossible for the pins to walk through the receiver.

  • Direct drop-in replacement for your hammer/trigger pins
  • Installs in a few minutes
  • Tools included

 You get:

  • (2) "C" Clips
  • (2) Pins

    Compatible with:

    • All lowers and trigger groups with the small (0.154") trigger/hammer pins

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required:  "C" clip tool or needle-nose pliers

    Installation notes: Simply swap in theses new pins and install the ""C clips so they can't walk out. 

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