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AR-15 Field Repair Kit

AR-15 Field Repair Kit

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Everyone who shoots AR-15's needs to have some spare parts, especially if you live far from a range. These 14 items are the most common to break when out in the field. We recommend that everyone keeps a kit like this in their range bag with some basic tools to ensure that every range day goes off with a bang! I do and it once saved the day of the guy shooting beside me at the range.

  • 19 common pieces
  • Mil-Spec
  • Made in an ISO 9001:2008 factory
  • Very similar to other commercial kits 

You get:

  • (1) Disconnector
  • (1) Disconnector Spring
  • (1) Hammer Spring
  • (1) Magazine Catch Spring
  • (1) Safety Detent Spring
  • (1) Trigger Spring
  • (3) Bolt Gas Rings
  • (1) Bolt Cam Pin
  • (1) Extractor
  • (1) Extractor Pin
  • (2) Extractor Spring
  • (2) Extractor Spring Insert (colour varies, ususally black)
  • (1) Firing Pin
  • (2) Firing Pin Retaining Pins

      Compatible with:

      • All AR-15 lowers

      Installation Difficulty:

      Tools required: Lower vice block, pin punches, little flat face screwdrivers to help with the bolt gas rings

      Installation notes: You may not need to change out all these parts at once. Think of this kit as a "Save a Range Day" kit