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ATI Gasport Cleaning Tool 3 Pack A.5.10.2379

ATI Gasport Cleaning Tool 3 Pack A.5.10.2379

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This is a down dirty little tool for scraping carbon build up (and other shite) out of your SKS gas port. I've got nothing whitty to say....

  • Blackened metal construction
  • Breaks up carbon buildup
  • NOT good for nose picking 

You get:

  • (3) ATI SKS Gasport Cleaning Tools

    Compatible with:

    • All gas ports especially SKS ones

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required

    Usage notes:

    1. Prove rifle is safe
    2. Disassemble the rifle
    3. Insert the gas port reamer into the gas port of the sks
    4. Turn the reamer clockwise until fouling is removed

    Manufacturer's model number: A.5.10.2379

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