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Laser Boresight (.223 Rem)

Laser Boresight (.223 Rem)

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This is the simplest boresight. Chamber the boresight like a normal cartridge and a laser will shoot out of the barrel showing exactly where your rifle or shotgun is aiming. This will save time and ammunition as only a few shots need to be fired to fine-tuning your scope. The bottom rim unscrews to expose the battery compartment.

Will also work in a 5.56 chamber but with a slightly reduced accuracy.

  • .223 REM Laser Boresight
  • Red laser <5mW power, 632nm-650nm wavelength
  • Brass body
  • Batteries included
  • Sighting range 15 to 100 yards
  • Displays a 2" dot at 100 yards
  • Operating temperature 14°F-122°F
  • Battery life approx 10 minutes of laser 'on' time

You get:

  1. Bore Sight
  2. Three LR41 Batteries 

Compatible with:

  • Any firearm chambered in .223 or 5.56

Tips: Install batteries with the labels facing out. Keep the packaging for storing the batteries when not in use.

Colour may vary from photo (some are red some are brass)

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