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Bushmaster Fugly Folding Foregrip

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So it's not pretty but a simple and straightforward folding vertical foregrip. Only two positions, vertical and sideways.

This was likely invented at bushmaster on a long sleepless night with 1 or 10 too many alco+pop beverages down the pipe 

Unscrew the grip itself to unlock it from the vertical or folded position. No fancy springs or latches here. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the strongest.

  • Hollow core is large for an AA battery but you'd have to plug it somehow
  • Hard polymer handle, steel bracket
  • Dimensions: Extends about 5.25" off the rail and the grip itself is 1.25" x 4.12"
  • Weight: 184g

You get:

  • (1) Foregrip

    Compatible with:

    • Picatinny rails
    • Left and right hands

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: 7/32 hex key 

    Installation notes: If I need to tell you, you might be in over your head here...

    Manufacturer's model number: F1002456

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