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Butterfly Ambi Charging Handle

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This is another interesting product inspired by a pricey name brand charging handle. This looks and functions mighty similarly to other name brand ambidextrous charging handles at a fraction of the cost. It is about the same weight as a normal Mil-Spec charging handle. The tab on the right side of the handle is connected to the left tab by a linkage so that the move together. You can pull either the right or left tab to unlatch the handle.

To keep it moving smoothly, we recommend putting some oil on the moving parts occasionally. The finish of the left and right side sometimes causes a friction. Oil her up and there are no problems. 

  • Aluminum construction
  • Blackened finish
  • Ambidextrous functionality
  • Unmarked

You get:

  • (1) Butterfly charging handle 

Compatible with:

  • All Mil-Spec BCG
  • All mil Spec uppers

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: Zip

Installation notes: Drops right in. I like to oil the moving parts a bit before I install these, they take a while to really break in.

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