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Buttstock for M4/AR-15 Carbine (Canadian National Arms) (Mil-Spec)

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Simply the buttstock part taken from the Canadian National Arms buttstock kit.

Fit a standard Mil-spec (1.146") buffer tube, not Commercial.

Stock is made from a tough injection molded plastic. The stock interior diameter closely matches the buffer tube for a tight fit. The stock adjustment lever/button has lots of stroke to fit other applications if needed.

  • Fits 6-position AR-15/M16/M4 carbine buffer tubes
  • Sling loop swivels about 10 degrees to left or right
  • Weight: 165g

You get:

  1. Stock with built-in sling loop

Compatible with:

  • Standard AR-15/M16 mil-spec buffer tubes

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: None, simply pull the lever away from the stock while sliding it onto the buffer tube

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