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Charging Handle Latch, Standard

Charging Handle Latch, Standard

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This is the basic latch that comes with a charging handle. These are take offs from our charging handle ambi upgrades. They have never been in an upper, they literally brand new but are take offs.

  • Blackened metal construction
  • Basic charging handle latch
  • Weight: 3g

You get:

  • (1) OEM charging handle latch

Compatible with:

  • OEM Mil-Spec charging handle bodies

Installation Difficulty:

Tools required: Pin punch, hammer

Installation notes: I install the roll pin slightly first. Once engaged in the charging handle body but not interfering with the latch slot, I drop in the spring and latch in. Use the latch to compress the spring, drop a pin punch into the roll pin hole on the other side to secure the latch in position. Now tap the roll pin home.