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CNA Gas Key Screw (size #10)

CNA Gas Key Screw (size #10)

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These are the larger version of Gas Key Screws, #10 size whereas most gas keys and carriers use size #8. Canadian National Arms machines their own gas screws for the best dimensional control..

The gas key screw hold the Gas Key in place. These are pretty important parts that you may want to stake in place to prevent loosening. Some people will seal the screws in place with gasket-seal compound or a low-strength threadlocker such as Red or Black Loc-Tite.

  • Ready to screw in and go
  • Mil-spec
  • Heat-treated for hardness, which causes the black colour
  • Weight: 1.35g

You get:

  • One screw (2 are needed in total)

    Compatible with:

    • All mil-spec gas keys
    • Bolt carriers that take #10 gas key screws

    Installation Difficulty:

    Tools required: 3mm hex key or closest imperial equivalent

    Installation notes: These are little guys so don't over tighten them.  I aim for 49-52 inch pounds. Some folks like to seal these screws in place, as described above, after you have confirmed that it is aligned well with the Gas Tube.