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Colt Competition 5.56x45 Polymer Magazine (5/30-Round)

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These Colt competition mags are down dirty and get the job done at a reasonable price. besides that, there isn't a lot to say. It's a magazine, It holds ammo. It IS NOT water proof. You cannot use it effectively as a glass for drinking water or other fluids. IT you are thirsty, I'd recommend that you bring a different drinking vessel to the range with you.

  • Polymer construction
  • Black in colour 
  • Says colt on the side in tiny letters near the bottom 
  • Does not seem to have an anti-tilt follower
  • Weight: 125g

You get:

  • (1) Magazine, 30 rounds pinned to 5

    Compatible with:

    • AR-15s and anything that takes their magazines

    Installation Difficulty: 

    Tools required: none. Floorplate can be removed with a screwdriver, pointy bullet tip or stiletto heel

    Installation notes: narrow end goes in first

    Manufacturer's model #: CCPMAG-30/5