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DIY Canadian National Arms CNA Bolt Carrier Group (NP3/Nickel Teflon)

DIY Canadian National Arms CNA Bolt Carrier Group (NP3/Nickel Teflon)

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This is ideal for those of you who want to save a couple bucks through building your own BCG. I was busting balls looking for some cost effective BCG for you guys and made a deal with CNA to get some of their BCG that are un-assembled at a decent discount because the labour is costly to assemble, stake, and permatex a BCG.

Comes with CNA's M16 cut extreme duty-ready complete bolt and carrier assembly with firing pin.

Nickel Teflon has a number of advantages over common phospate or nitride coatings. The low friction means less wear, so it lasts longer. And you can run it without lube, which has the side benefit that it needs less frequent cleanings because there is no oil to get baked and foul things up.

  • Bolt assembly (complete, already built)
  • Bolt carrier has the M16 cut
  • Mil-spec
  • Nickel-Teflon finish for reduced friction and easier cleaning 
  • Note these gas keys and bolt carriers use the larger #10 screws (all hardware matches)
  • Made to government mil contractor specs

You get:

  • (1) Complete 5.56x45 Bolt (extractor, ejector pre-installed) (Nickel Teflon)
  • (1) Stripped carrier (Nickel Teflon)
  • (1) Gas key (Nickel Teflon)
  • (2) Gas key screws
  • (1) Cam (Nickel Teflon)
  • (1) Firing pin
  • (1) Firing pin retainer

    Installation Difficulty: 

    When finished it drops right into your AR upper.

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